About Us

Collaborative Research

IAHRN generates interdisciplinary research on legal affairs in Latin America. We also seek to systematize data on existing research and make it easily searchable by the public.

Policy Recommendations

In order to advance the protection of human rights, we are developing scholarly policy-oriented research on the IAHRS and related insights for policymakers and practitioners.

International Dialogue

We are building institutional and inter-disciplinary links between scholarly communities within the Americas, and between different world regions.

Human Rights in the Americas: Theory & Practice

The Inter-American Human Rights Network is an international research project which seeks to examine the development and impact of the regional human rights system of the Americas.

The Network’s principal purpose is to foster and coordinate collaborative research into the operations, structure, policies, rulings and recommendations of the Inter-American Commission and Inter-American Court, which together make up the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS).

Conclusions drawn from this work will not only provide timely input into contemporary policy discussions, they will also make an important scholarly contribution by providing new theoretical perspectives for understanding the successes and failures of the IAHRS

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