Brazil: Transitional Justice and the IAHRS

Dr Par Engstrom, IAHRN scholar and Lecturer in Human Rights at UCL’s Institute of the Americas, participated in the IV Congresso Internacional de Direitos Humanos, held in Brazil between 4th and 6th November.

The event, which took place in Tocantins, saw a wide range of Brazilian and international speakers discuss the historical, legal, philosophical and social elements of modern Brazil’s human rights challenges.

Dr. Engstrom participated in a panel debate on the Inter-American Court’s conventionality control and its application in Brazil, and also gave a lecture entitled “Brazil, (Post-)Transitional Justice, and the Inter-American Human Rights System”.

His presentation examined a number of different aspects of Brazil’s relationship with the IAHRS, paying particular attention to the impact of the Gomes Lund ruling, the difficulties faced in implementing this judgement, and the broader implications of IAHRS actions for transitional justice in Brazil.

A copy of the lecture is available here.

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