Institutional Change at the IAHRS: New Policy Briefing

On 9th and 10th October 2015, the IAHRN held the second of three workshops examining the development, impact and future of the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS).

The workshop, entitled “The IAHRS: Law and Politics of Institutional Change”, was held at University College London’s Institute of the Americas and featured participation by 35 experts on human rights issues and the Inter-American system.

On the basis of these discussions, the IAHRN has compiled a new policy briefing document, which outlines the historical trajectory of the system’s development and examines possible policy responses to contemporary and upcoming challenges.

The document discusses the varied opposition the IAHRS has faced since its inception. At the same time, it notes how the System has expanded as civil society organisations have strengthened, as the jurisprudence has accumulated and as the institutions of the IAHRS have built up its legitimacy over time.

Though the most recent reform process has now concluded, the IAHRS continues to face a number of challenges, and it will need to seek to institutionally adapt and innovate if it is to maintain its impact into the future.

The policy briefing is available for download, in both English and Spanish, via the links below:

Institutional Change at the IAHRS

El Cambio Institucional del SIDH

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