Publication of Policy Brief on IAHRS Impact

The Inter-American Human Rights Network is pleased to announce the publication of its policy brief ‘The Impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System: Current Achievements and Future Challenges’, which summarises the principal conclusions of its inaugural workshop of October 2014.

The workshop discussions suggest that while impact is shaped by a number of factors, the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) is likely to be most effective where its various mechanisms are employed in a coordinated fashion; where its decisions attract widespread media attention; and where domestic actors utilise its rulings and precedents to further their own efforts to bring about national-level policy change.

In seeking to expand its impact in the future, the IAHRS will need to overcome challenges related to its financing and authority, address shortcomings in the collection of data on its activities, and effectively manage the potentially divergent interests of litigants and victims within the system.

The policy brief is available for download, in both English and Spanish, via the links below.


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