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Inter-American Human Rights Network » Network Launch Workshop: Mexico City, October 2014

Network Launch Workshop: Mexico City, October 2014

The Inter-American Human Rights Network (IAHRN) will hold is inaugural workshop at the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas (UNAM) / Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City on 10-11 October 2014.

The event will bring together key scholars and practitioners from Europe and the Americas to discuss what have been the primary areas of impact of the Inter-American System.Participating in the workshop will be a number of members of the academic network, together with selected experts from the advisory board and a handful of other invited guests from local Mexican institutions.

Discussion will principally focus on the following themes: theoretical perspectives on human rights impact and measurement; the impact of specific IAHRS mechanisms; the role of domestic actors and institutions in shaping the impact of the IAHRS; individual country cases to illuminate the degree of domestic impact of IAHRS mechanisms; and, more generally, the potential of and challenges to the development of genuinely interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approaches to the study of the IAHRS.

The workshop will feature presentations by the various participants on each of the above areas. The event will also contain dedicated sessions with senior practitioners and users of the IAHRS to discuss the system’s main impacts and possible areas for improvement. Other sessions will focus on planning forthcoming network activities for the 2014-16 period, and an editorial session on upcoming publications.

Papers presented at the workshop will form the basis of a scholarly volume to be submitted for publication by an academic publisher after the event. A policy brief will also be produced based on the workshop proceedings and uploaded to this site when available.

Later workshops, to be held in London and Ghent respectively, will examine the institutional development of the IAHRS, and compare the development, operation and impact of the system with that of similar mechanisms elsewhere.

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